Strategy Planning


Marketing methods are changing constantly according to the new technologies and changes in new generations’ preferences. Therefore, this section must be under the supervision of educated and smart staff, in order to anticipate new business processes to update their methods rapidly according to the market conditions and various needs of audiences. This will help to be successful and pioneer in the new business market which is called social business.


Brand is a collection of name, design, logo or logo type that can belong to a natural or legal person, with all intellectual and substantial characteristics that are tied to a service, product, personality, institution or even a movement. Anything under the name of brand including processes, customs, behaviour and organization’s literature all the way to the content and executive outputs must follow macro policies and brand strategy.


The main goal in any type of advertising is being durable in audiences’ mind and to increase the purchase desire. Effective advertising is the main step for achieving this goal. Creativity is the necessity of effective advertising. Creativity is owning unique ideas and taking advantage of ordinary situations in a special and exclusive way. Creative is 25% visual, 25% emotional, and 50% strategic thinking. We give you 100%.


Graphic design of an advertising agency is a subcategory of design, visual communications and communicational designing. In an advertising agency, Graphic design activities are done with the help knowledge and principles of design and always tries to solve a problem with providing a visual solution.


Nowadays with advancement of technology, we are witnessing a new generation of advertising in the form of digital and online. It is predicted that traditional ways of advertisements such as TV, radio, printed, OOH and etc., are fading over time. However, watching TV is still the most popular and comfortable choice of public at their leisure time. Therefore, films or teasers are still the most important and effective way of advertising for attracting audiences, informing about a new product, changes and reminding of a product.